ResirWrecked Costumes

Distressed Tux Jacket

Formal attire is never out of style!

Create a most memorable character with our distressed tux jackets.

Techniques used- bleaching, fabric paint, acrylic dyes, spray paints, & screen print inks (flash cured). All heat set and ready to go. Grinding for holes and wear. Integrity of garment is in tact. We do not touch the interior but it may get splashed of paints.

Some sizes in stock and can ship within 24hrs. Non stock items have a 2-3 week lead time. They are listed by the size in the jacket verified by chest measurement. Some alterations may have been made from their previous life.

These are up-cycled from various brands and fabrics. Some are wool, some are polyester - some are a combo of both or other. Please contact me if you have specific needs.